Ly Mai

Sales Consultant – Johnny Lin Team

Ly Mai is an energetic part of the Johnny Lin Team who is focussed on looking after all of the clients during some of the biggest financial transactions of their lives, whatever may be required.

Ly is an expert with working with buyers and buyer matching within our team. Her goal is to work closely with buyers that we meet and try to find their dream home prior to going on the market. This is a huge benefit to the sellers that choose to work with our team as we have found that by being able to buyer match not only allows more potential buyers to see your home but create more opportunities to secure a higher final price for our sellers. This is one of the many points of difference of our team

Ly really enjoys listening and finding out what people really want. Everyone is different and it’s all about finding out their needs and accommodating these needs and working with them to get a great result!

Ly gets great joy from helping people with those needs, making sure they are happy with the result and knowing people appreciate the effort that goes into helping them.

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