Rental Applications

Tips for Rental Applications

How do I apply?

All of our tenant applications are through You can click here to browse our rentals list and apply for specific properties.

When do I apply?

You can apply here before you inspect or you can apply after you inspect using the link sent to you after the inspection.

What ID documents should I have ready to go?

You will need 100 points of ID. This must consist of one piece of photo ID (Drivers License, Passport, Proof of Age) and 2 other points of ID (eg. Medicare Card, Visa Application, Gas or water bills etc.)

What proof of income documents do I need to provide?

Please provide min of 2 of your most recent payslips. These payslips should be within a month of the date you are applying. It is also helpful to provide any bank statements that show significant savings.

What if I am self employed and do not receive payslips?

Please provide as much evidence as possible to show your income. Some good examples include: Bank statements, Tax Return, invoices etc. Please provide at least two documents to show income. It is also helpful to provide contact details of your accountant or solicitor if you have one.

What income documents do I provide if I receive Centrelink payments?

Please provide your most recent Centrelink Statement.

What income documents do I provide if I am not employed and do not work?

Bank statements and/or supporting documents of other sources of income.

What income documents do I provide if I am retired?

Pensions payments, Bank statements with savings, Superannuation statement etc.

I have only just secured employment and don’t have a payslip yet.

Please provide a copy of the newly signed employment agreement, the employers details and any previous employment payslips if available.

Who needs to apply?

Every person over the age of 18 must apply for the property. This includes children over the age of 18 as well as people who are over 18 who will not be contributing to the rent. If you do not want to have all applicants on the lease, please provide the details of which applicants you would like to be on the lease in your application.

What contact info should I provide for my employment and living history?

Please ensure you provide both an email and phone number for every reference. This ensures quick turn around of references which aids in processing your application.

I’ve submitted my application – what do I do now?

Our leasing agent will be in touch if they have any updates on your application.

I’ve submitted my application and realised I forgot to add an applicant- what do I do?

Please email [email protected] with the Name, Mobile Number and Email of the applicant you wish to add and our leasing agent will send the person a 2Apply link. Please ensure when the person applies that the apply as a sole applicant so that they are then able to be added to the original application by our leasing agent.

Who can I talk to if I am struggling to fill out my application?

2Apply does have an online chat service to help with any queries which is run 7 days a week as well as a phone number you can ring for support. If they are unable to help you with your queries, please contact our leasing agent on 0435410448 or email [email protected]

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