Our 4 Pillars of Property Management

At Harcourts Pinnacle we have 4 Pillars upon which our Property Management service stands

Here at Harcourts we value the relationship with our landlords, and it is at a high priority for us to establish a good relationship as we believe this is the core of our business to ensure the property is managed effectively. Our Property Managers are genuinely excited and love what they do. Our Team strives to build a fantastic Relationship not only with you but also with the tenant. Establishing a strong relationship with the tenant we believe, is also beneficial in ensuring your property is well looked after, ensuring we can keep a great long-term tenant and when it comes time for rent increases, we are more likely to keep a great tenant.

When choosing the right property manager for your property we understand that communication would be high on your list. We have a huge belief that landlords should have tailored communication style to suit, our team dedicate 3 hours every fortnight to keep in touch with our landlords periodically and tenants to not only establish a strong relationship but also to help us understand any life changes that would change your investment strategy or to collect any feedback good or bad so we can be in front of any issues that aren’t up to standard. Our property managers will also strive to respond to any communication (email, SMS, call back, Whats app) by the end of the day to ensure nothing is missed and your questions are answered quick.

We want to continually bring value to you and your property and assist to get the most out of your investment and be part of your investment journey as you build your portfolio, from speaking to many landlords over the years we realise that most landlord are not focus so much on management fee as such but more on how do they get the biggest net return at the end of the day in their pocket. Our property managers are not just “property managers” here are some example of things that we do different to add value and help increase capital to your investment

• Our property managers will keep a look out for where you can do improvements to the home to ensure you get a better net return, for example if your property didn’t have Fans or A/c we may suggest adding them into the property as this can affect your weekly rental return between $30 – $50 at the same time we know it will also add significant capital value to your home
• At every lease renewal your property manager will do extensive market research and suggest a rental increase based on the current market conditions. We will provide you a comprehensive market report with each renewal together with our recommendation this is to ensure that you know you are getting the most of your investment.
• Our property managers would also suggest things like arranging a tax depreciation schedule to ensure you are getting the most amount of money out of your investment once it comes time for tax time
• Our property managers will also be your main point of contact to guide you in the right direction for all your property needs including outside of the investment property we are managing. For example getting our sales team to provide free valuation report for your investment or any property you own, connecting you with our team here that can assist with commercial sales and leasing needs if you require or even recommend top mortgage broker or amazing solicitor if you are buying or selling. We want to be your one stop shop for all property needs and recommendation.

We understand that we are not perfect, and things will happen during your time with us that we might not always deliver to the standard we promise as much as we will do everything, we can to keep up to our promise BUT our team truly cares and all have a growth mind set of wanting to be better as we truly CARE about your investment. This is why we not only want and welcome the most honest feedback so that we can keep striving to be better but we also actively “chase” for it by sending out 2 feedback surveys a year to all our landlord asking to rate us between 1 and 10 and also to leave any written feedback, we treat the response very serious and we analysis all response as a team and contact any rating that is 8 or under to find out what we can do to be better and deliver more value.

Investment Property Health Check

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