Megan Lundberg

Associate Mentor

Recently joining Harcourts Pinnacle, Meg begun her Real Estate career in 2015 in Property Management and has decided to explore more of the industry by easing into a Associate Mentor role. Throughout her 6 years in Property Management she prided herself in being approachable, solving problems and promoting a positive Customer Experience to all her clients. Meg was successful in her position as Property Manager which resulted in receiving a General Managers Award and the Top Customer Satisfaction Award for the Property Management Department.

In 2021, Meg took a gap year in Real Estate and headed to a rural town in South Australia called Port Augusta to work on a Solar Farm project. Throughout that time, she worked in Administration whilst supporting the Project Manager, Health and Safety and Human Resources to enable the project to go as smoothly as possible.

You will find Meg to be easy to work with, eager to help and adaptable in any area or matter. She plays a key role in assisting the Sales Department mentoring their associates in order to streamline their processes and ensure they can prioritise Client Experience and Satisfaction.