Katie McGrath

Property Investment Consultant

Katie’s remarkable journey as a sales consultant of the Johnny Lin Team since 2016 has motivated her to become a Property Investment Consultant upon returning from maternity leave. Utilising her well-practised sales skills Katie has the ability to elevate the experience for our potential new and existing landlords. Katie’s invaluable contributions extend far beyond any other property investment consultant, providing unwavering support that surpasses regular hours, weekends, and holidays.

Drawing from her extensive sales background, Katie understands that investing in property can be complex, so she ensures that all questions – no matter their simplicity or complexity – receive the utmost attention and consideration. Katie’s proficiency in nurturing client relationships, strategising marketing efforts and conducting thorough property appraisals sets her apart. Leveraging her vibrant energy and systematic approach, Katie can assist clients in navigating the intricate world of investing in property which provides our landlords with optimal outcomes for them and their property.

With a background in nursing and a genuine passion for aiding others, Katie’s empathetic approach provides clients with steadfast support during significant investment decisions. Her local upbringing on Brisbane’s north side equips her with an in-depth understanding of the area and market dynamics, enabling the delivery of personalised, well-informed guidance.

For Katie, property investment consultancy is a harmonious blend of her sales acumen and her unwavering commitment to excellence. Driven by her passion for growth and desire to provide unparalleled service, she ensures that clients not only achieve optimal investment results but also encounter a level of expertise that is a testament to her skillset as a seasoned sales consultant.