Jaymee Hiddins


Jaymee joins Harcourts Pinnacle as the vibrant and welcoming receptionist that greets our clients at the front desk. With five years experience in customer service she is dedicated to creating exceptional experiences for clients, Jaymee is a true professional in ensuring that every interaction is not just efficient but also warm and inviting.

Her friendly demeanor and bubbly personality make her the perfect face for the front desk. Jaymee has a natural talent for making everyone feel welcome and at ease, creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere for clients and colleagues alike. Her kind nature extends beyond her professional role, making her someone who is not only approachable but also genuinely interested in the well-being of others.

With a keen attention to detail and a passion for helping others, Jaymee is not just a receptionist—she’s a key player in creating a positive and welcoming environment at Harcourts Pinnacle.

Outside of her role as a receptionist at Harcourts Pinnacle, Jaymee leads a balanced and fulfilling life. A fitness enthusiast at heart, she dedicates her free time to maintaining a healthy lifestyle by hitting the gym regularly. Jaymee’s commitment to personal wellness not only reflects her discipline but also adds an extra layer of energy to her already vibrant personality.

In addition to her passion for fitness, Jaymee values quality time with her family. Whether it’s a cozy dinner at home, a weekend getaway, or simply enjoying each other’s company, family holds a special place in Jaymee’s heart. Her nurturing and caring nature extend beyond the office, creating a harmonious blend of professionalism and personal connection in her life.