Caitlin Edridge

Sales Administrator

Caitlin joins Harcourts Pinnacle as a dynamic professional with a wealth of experience in customer service, management, and corporate consulting. With several years in the field, Caitlin has honed her skills in handling diverse and complex situations, making her a valuable asset in the real estate industry.

In her role as a corporate consultant, Caitlin specializes in helping large companies navigate dynamic challenges to enhance their overall business operations. Her keen problem-solving abilities and strategic thinking have proven instrumental in optimizing corporate processes and fostering growth.

Caitlin is known for creating stress-free environments for clients involved in buying, selling, and managing investments. Her client-focused approach ensures that each interaction is tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of the individuals and organisations she serves.

One of Caitlin’s notable strengths is her ability to thrive under pressure. Whether faced with tight deadlines, challenging projects, or high-stakes negotiations, she remains composed and focused, consistently delivering results.

Outside the corporate realm, Caitlin finds joy and fulfilment on the netball court. Whether she’s playing, coaching, or umpiring, her passion for netball is evident. This commitment to sports reflects her dedication to teamwork, discipline, and excellence—qualities that undoubtedly contribute to her success in both her professional and personal pursuits.